Home Catering

We deliver all kinds of catering for your party at home. Your birthday, the celebration of your graduation-day or just for a party with friends.....


Party Catering

Different moments ask a different aproch. Our catering assortiment is ready to forfill all of your wishes when it comes to snacks, salades, hors d'ouevres and different  kinds of "walking buffets".


Business Catering

When working in "overtime" is needed, a good meal will help to make  the time even more succesfull. We have special menu's for team-workers  that have to go on...

Beside that, we can also take care for big meetings, congresses or any other kinds of business events when a little or a big "bite" is needed.


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Our Catering service is an extention of our renowned restaurant cuisine. All menu's  are being served from our own kitchens,cooked  by our own "chefs"... making use of only daily fresh ingredients and  are specialy prepared for your order. And our catering style is not limited to traditional hotel cuisine, but comes in different style options like delicious Italian or spycy Indonesian. We offer streedfood-bites like typical burgers and all the wrapp's you can imagine. So for every event, we  can deliver the right taste !

Furthermore, we have our own delivery team driving and we are therefore independent of third parties so we can guarantee a fast and timely delivery


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